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Nowadays as the market is becoming more and more competitive and challenging, innovation, team work and cooperation is very essential for a company to achieve fast and steady development. A famous ancient Chinese named Sun Quan once said, “a country is invincible if all people’s strengths are utilized. And a person is as good as a saint if he can use other people’s wisdom.” The German writer Arthur Schopenhauer said, “a single person has limited strength, just like Robinson Crusoe. He has to work with others to make more achievements.” These all demonstrate the importance of cohesion and cooperation.

One single tree is not strong enough to withstand storm, but miles of woods are strong enough to stand in harsh conditions. Our company is a team with solidarity, energy and positivity. We have team building activities and exercises for new employees, which help to develop team cooperation and team bonding. With the company leaders taking lead, everyone working and cooperating together, we have made a firm foundation for our future. Utility is strength and the basic condition for success. Every team member can fulfill their will when a team accomplishes good targets.

Teamwork is very important, and mutual trust and cooperation among team members are the basic foundation. Trust is a good property. When you work with someone, you must trust your partner. Your workmate can help you in many different ways. One word may take the load off your mind, and a piece of advice might solve your problem. Work with more trust, more humility, more smiles, tolerance and activity, and we will enjoy our work and life.


Team cooperation is a kind of spirit we have when we work willingly with team members to achieve a certain goal. We should work out of our own will and this will generate powerful and sustainable strength. And it will better utilize each team member’s resource and wisdom.

A pool of stagnant water will never produce beautiful waves. Only the ocean which is tolerant and intakes all rivers and streams can generate great power. And a good team is the cradle of wisdom. Two heads are better than one. When everyone adds fuel, the flames rise high. We trust our team, and we know we will work together for a prosperous future.

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