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What kind of materials are used in electrical tape?


What is electrical tape?

Electrical tape is adhesive insulation tape mainly made of natural or synthetic rubber. Its major characteristics include: electrical insulation, temperature resistance, resistant to water and moisture,good mechanical strength and flexibility, excellent electrical insulation properties and adhesive strength.

What kind of materials are used in electrical tape?

The basic material is PVC. Electrical tape is made with PVC material covered by water-basic compound.

One of the black electrical insulation tape is only used for insulation, and it is not flame retardant or water proof.This kind of tape is not quite popular now and it is only used in some civil architecture and electrical projects.

Another type is PVC flame retardant insulation tape. It is good for insulation, flame retardant and water proof. As it is made of PVC, the stretching is not good enough to wrap the end tight and firm, to prevent water and moisture. Still it is now widely in use.

Different types of electrical tapeThe first type is PVC lead free flame retardant tape. It is good for insulation, flame retardant and water proof. As it is lead free, this type of tape is suitable to use for home projects. It is widely used in home electrical construction.

The second type is high voltage self adhesive tape. It is normally used in high voltage conditions. This kind of tape has better stretching and is better than normal PVC tape in terms of water proof. It is widely used in high voltage conditions but its strength is lower than PVC flame retardant tape, so the two types are normally used together for better performance.

The third type is a black insulation tape used in early times. Its texture is more like cloth and it is only good for insulation, with no property of flame retardant or water proof. This kind of tape is now almost eliminated in use, only used in some civil architecture or certain conditions.

How to wrap electrical tape more firmly?When wrapping with electrical tape, start from the the part with crossing, and wrap it with strength, so the tape will be tight and firm. If it is wrapped with no strength, the tape may become loose and fall off some time. And it is very dangerous. So you need to wrap it tight and firm.

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