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  • The base material of foam tape is EVA or PE foam, and then high-efficiency and high-temperature resistant oily acrylic glue is coated on both sides of the base material. This product has a strong sealing and shock-absorbing effect, and is widely used in automobiles, wall decorations, and nameplates and logos. It can also be used for silencing and shock absorption.


  • Product use: Water-based double-sided tape is widely used for bonding, fixing and laminating, etc. It is mainly used for fixing insulating materials, sound insulation materials, and electronic industrial uses such as electrical components and circuit boards.


  • Transparent sealing tape is widely used in packaging or sealing of articles. It can also be used for sealing, patching, bundling and fixing. It can also be used on light and heavy packaging objects according to the thickness of the substrate.


  • When the transparent yellow sealing tape is used to seal and pack items, it is easy to break or break if too much force is applied or it is slightly stretched.


  • When using sealing tape, you may encounter situations where the tape's stickiness or adhesion decreases or does not stick. There are many factors that affect the stickiness or adhesion of the tape. For example, the sealing tape is left for a long time and gets damp, which reduces the stickiness. How to avoid and understand the factors that reduce the stickiness or adhesion of the tape are as follows:


  • Masking tape is made of crepe paper as the base material, and can be coated with different types of adhesives such as rubber or pressure-sensitive glue according to different uses.


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