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Product characteristics of masking tape


Product characteristics of masking tape:

1. Masking tape is a self-adhesive tape based on resin impregnated wrinkled paper. It is used for sealing and packaging, masking during painting, coating and sandblasting, and fixing of electronic components and wires.

2. The special composition of curing adhesive provides excellent solvent resistance and high temperature resistance for masking tape, with no adhesive trace.

3. The masking tape can be easily bent into curves, and doesn’t break when fitting and protecting the curve of round objects.

4. Holding force, the viscosity of the masking tape itself can provide appropriate holding force even under heavy pressure.

5. Easy to tear, easy to operate. Masking tape can be easily used even without scissors or blades.

6. Good admissibility. The masking tape can be applied to a highly curved surface with sufficient thickness and no further addition is needed.

7. The unwinding force of masking tape is moderate. The unwinding force is not too heavy or too light, which is easy to handle.

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