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Biocellulose degradable sealing tape


Plant-based degradable eco-friendly sealing tape is made of plant fiber, the main component of which comes from natural plant material, which can be naturally degraded in 77 days.

Advantages of plant-based degradable green sealing tape;

1. Easy to tear and stick: the tape is soft and easy to tear by hand; With precise coating technology, there is moderate viscosity, and no residual glue stains on the surface of the adhesive.

2. Strong viscosity: the tape is suitable for various surfaces of different materials in different temperature environments.

3. Flexible specifications: The tape specifications are flexible and ready to be adjusted according to user requirements.

4. Anti-static, high efficiency: The tape is made of natural materials, with reduced attractive force to paper, which is different from other OPP plastic tapes with static electricity problems.

5. Low carbon and environment protection: the main ingredients come from natural green plants, and the waste incineration produce less harmful gas compared with OPP tapes.

Application of plant-based degradable green sealing tape: production technology and various packaging applications in electronics, automobiles, toys, clothing, cosmetics, health food, handicrafts and other industries; Postal express packaging, e-commerce, gas transportation.