White Invisible OPP Tape
  • White Invisible OPP TapeWhite Invisible OPP Tape
  • White Invisible OPP TapeWhite Invisible OPP Tape
  • White Invisible OPP TapeWhite Invisible OPP Tape
  • White Invisible OPP TapeWhite Invisible OPP Tape

White Invisible OPP Tape

As a professional clear White Invisible OPP Tape manufacturer, you can be rest assured to buy clear White Invisible OPP Tape from our factory and Partech will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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Product Description

Partech is one of the famous China clear White Invisible OPP Tape manufacturers and suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of White Invisible OPP Tape. Welcome to buy clear Invisible OPP Tape from us. Every request from customers is being replied within 24 hours.

· 【Multipurpose Invisible Tape】Our foggy transparent tape Ideal for mending documents, notes, sealing envelopes and packing gifts. Suitable for office, school and home use, such as reading notes and correcting mistakes, home notes.

· 【Invisibility】The matte finish tape is characterized by its close proximity to the color of the white paper and its good invisibility on the paper. It does not easily see the tape lines on the tape and does not tear.Our invisible tape can meeting your different needs.

· 【High Quality Material】Our invisible tape made of high quality material, the transparent tape can resist splitting, curling, shredding, sticking and unnecessary tearing in the roll making it extremely manageable, easy to handle and apply.

· 【Compatible with Standard Dispensers】Each roll fits perfectly into your home, office, or school tape dispenser so you can use as needed. Work with dispenser without any jamming, ensuring a quick and effortless operation.

· Clear tape is great for most general purpose applications.

· Blends with most surfaces.

· Great for crafting, mounting papers and more.

· Write on matte finish.

· Will not dry out or yellow.

Clear Invisible OPP Tape shares many of the same characteristics as regular Invisible OPP Tape with the added benefit of being completely transparent when applied to surfaces. Some of the characteristics of Clear Invisible OPP Tape include:

High clarity - The tape is entirely transparent when applied to surfaces, making it ideal for applications where a clear, unobtrusive seal is necessary.

Good adhesion - The tape is coated with a strong acrylic adhesive that provides excellent adhesion to most surfaces.

Durability - The tape is made from a thin, flexible plastic film that is resistant to tearing, punctures, and abrasions, making it highly durable.

Resistance to moisture and chemicals - The tape is also resistant to moisture and many chemicals, making it suitable for use in various environmental conditions.

Compatibility with most dispensers - The tape is easy to use and can be used with most standard tape dispensers, which makes it highly convenient.

Versatility - Clear Invisible OPP Tape is suitable for use in various industries, including food processing and packaging, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and many more.

UV resistant - The tape is UV resistant and does not yellow over time, making it ideal for applications where the packaging needs to maintain its original appearance over a long period.

Overall, Clear Invisible OPP Tape provides the transparency required for clear packaging, while also delivering the strength and durability required for a long-lasting, secure seal.

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