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Is it safe to wrap wires with transparent packing tape?


Transparent packing tape is widely used in daily life in various areas like packaging, sealing, wrapping, and so on. It is found that many people also use transparent packing tape as electrical tape to wrap and repair broken cables. So, is transparent packing tape insulating? Is it safe to wrap electrical cables with transparent packing tape?

It is very dangerous to repair broken electrical wires with transparent packing tape. This type of tape is not insulating, and on the contrary, the adhesive on it is conductive. So it is very risky because the wires may short-circuit, and burn out, which will damage the equipment and also cause fire. It will cause safety issues and great loss, so transparent packing tape should not be used as electrical tapes.

If the wire or cable is broken and needs to be repaired, we should use insulating electrical tape. It is good for insulation, high voltage resistance, flame retardant, and high temperature resistance. It is good insulating material and suitable in applications like wire connecting, electrical insulation and protection.

When using electricity, people notice that the raw material size of the plug is very important to the safety of electrical device, but they normally don’t pay much attention to the insulation tape used in connectors. The wire display for different switches is very complicated as wires can be placed in different conditions, like under the board, inside the wall, or under damp floor, or even in water. If the insulation tape is not suitable there might be serious safety problems like electricity leakage, which will threaten people’s life. Therefore, we should use insulation tape properly. The types of wire connection used for power plug includes “+”, “-”, “T”type, etc. The connector should be wrapped firmly and smoothly, and before the wire end is cut off, it should be squeezed by the wire cutter. If the connector is in dry condition, wrap it with black insulation tape for two layers, and wrap it with plastic tape for two layers. Then wrap it with 200% stretched self adhesive insulation tape for 2 or 3 layers, and finally two layers with plastic tape.  

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