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The difference between all-round conductive foam and conductive foam


Today's electronic products occupy our lives. In these electronic products, a kind of electronic barrier material is used. This electronic barrier material is all-round conductive foam. When it comes to all-round conductive foam, I believe that all Everyone can think of conductive foam, a material that is very similar to all-round conductive foam, so what is the difference between the two?

Conductive foam: Conductive foam is an electronic material with excellent barrier properties and conductive properties. It is made of conductive fiber cloth with conductivity and anti-corrosion properties and a flame-retardant foam with flame retardant capabilities. Therefore, the conductive foam itself has the barrier properties and conductive properties brought by the conductive cloth and the flame retardant properties. 

After testing, the conductive foam is suitable for use in the frequency range of 100KHZ to 1GKHZ. In this field There is a good barrier effect inside. Conductive foam itself has the properties of cotton and is particularly suitable for places with limited capacity and closing pressure, such as electronic chassis, casings, indoor chassis, industrial equipment, etc. It can achieve very good results when used in these fields, and it is conductive The production cost of foam itself is also very low, so many electronic product production companies will choose electronic materials such as conductive foam.