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Principle of acrylic double-sided tape


There are three layers of double-sided tape. Be careful with the strong sticky tape. That side cannot be washed. When you first touch the non-sticky side of the PET film, it will be strongly sticky (use release paper). The other side can be washed without leaving any traces and can be pasted as desired. The air is discharged and pasted firmly. It can be disassembled without leaving any traces or adhesive residue. Just gently pull it off at the corner. If the adhesive surface is contaminated, it can be washed with water and pasted again for use. Magic double-sided tape is strong and easy to use. It can be used to stick to flat and smooth surface objects. After applying it, gently press it with your hands to release the air from the glue and the surface. It can pull a weight of less than 10 kilograms. It can be pasted multiple times. Note: (Be sure to stick it. For objects with flat and smooth surfaces, if the pasting surface is uneven or has grooves, please try to avoid pasting on the grooved surface).

Magic double-sided tape: The larger the surface of the product, the greater the pulling force. It can be made into a conventional size of about 10cm*10cm and can withstand a force of 10 kilograms (the larger the surface, the greater the resistance). When using it, all glue must be discharged from the surface of the object. air. Take it off and peel it off gently at the edge.

Note for double-sided tape: (The material of the sample and the finished roll are different. Many customers are very interested in our product and ask to send samples for testing. When we send the samples, we use PET or release paper to protect the washable side, but in When we made the finished roll, we did not add release paper on the washable side, but the strong adhesive side was added with release paper.)

Parameters of double-sided tape Thickness: 0.1mm-3.0mm Color:, milky white, black Performance: can be re-pasted. If there is dust on the surface, it can be washed with water and re-pasted. It can be hung. Usage: Can be used as magic, mobile phone ring buckle stickers, mobile phone holders, anti-slip mats, carpet stickers, double-sided tape for advertising signboards, computer bag protective covers.